Vision Integrity is Brown Bagging for Calgary

Vision Integrity is committed to investing in our community. Phenomenal work is being done by local organizations and non-profits to improve our community. We support these groups by donating and holding fundraisers to support them in fulfilling their mission.

In May, Vision Integrity held an internal company competition. The winner would get to choose the charity organization to receive Vision Integrity’s next donation. The winner was Norela Arellano, our Record and Report Lead, who chose Brown Bagging for Calgary.

Brown Bagging for Calgary is an organization that works with communities and schools to provide access to food for children from lower-income families. Vision Integrity is proud to support this organization, along with many other charities and non-profits. Their community initiatives have supported Calgary for many years, including through the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are grateful for the role they play in the Calgary community, and are pleased to share their story here.

Child eating apple